We’ve MOVED!!! … and it was a QUICK one!

We’re now located at 700 Cannery Row M, so we’re just across the street in the other building, between Bubba Gump’s and the women’s restroom in the 700 building!

We would love to see you!

Here is an early AM photo from today, working on getting the lights up, the power on and things in place to open today!1-opening

Open up that great new door!! We’re open for business!!! 2-opening

Our second sitting of the day!!  Three really great sittings today at the studio!3-opening


On my way out today heading for the hotel after 13 hours at the studio!  Thank you Dad for your help with the move, never would have managed without your help….4-opening

A new “style” comes to Cannery Row’s Old Time Photo studio!

Based on Monterey County’s own John Steinbeck’s book Cannery Row… We’ve added a new “theme” to our studio on Cannery Row!  You can call it a world exclusive I guess! We’re the only Cannery Row in the world! :)  Here’s a glimpse of what it’s like…130521_1139

The book Cannery Row details the life on The Row in the 1930′s… the country was in a depression, canneries were busy on The Row and a group of “fellas” were hanging out near the very location of our studio!  For the ladies, we’ve put together some more “respectable” dresses (thank you to our costume vendor for help with this project!!) or you can slip into something a little more… well… and transform into one of Dora Flood’s “girls”…!  We’ve got sizes to fit the full range, kids up to adult!  Stop by and check it out…  We hope to see you soon!